Andrea Björsell

A venue for glitzy galas

Live TV productions are nothing new for Stockholmsmässan. Throughout the years, our premises have provided a broadcasting location for everything from Melodifestivalen to charity galas. Production manager Smick Hall-Hardgrave has worked with Stockholmsmässan on the broadcasts of the TV awards show, Kristallen, for the past four years and most recently Idol’s Friday Finals.

What kind of demands does this type of production place on the venue?

“When we look for a venue, it’s crucial that the space is big enough and has the conditions necessary for a production, of course. We look at things like ceiling height and suspension possibilities. Then we look at the practicalities of fitting in the interiors, sound and lighting, and lastly we look at auxiliary spaces for dressing rooms and production offices.”

How did Idol end up selecting Stockholmsmässan for its Friday Finals?

“When the production company went venue scouting for Idol, I recommended Stockholmsmässan since I had such a good experience from Kristallen. They took a tour of the premises, and in the end Stockholmsmässan came out the winner.”

How has it worked out?

“It’s been great. We managed to get our own separate entrance for Idol, and we’ve received positive responses from the audience. The sponsors got a good space that they were really happy with, and the cooperation with Stockholmsmässan has worked extremely well.”