The Kristallen Awards Gala with gourmet cuisine

1,900 seated guests are served a hot, three-course, Nobel class dinner – at the same time, a variety of artists and six presenters with specific demands and wishes, all of whom need their own room backstage.

Kristallen is no small project. When the TV gala celebrated its tenth anniversary, hundreds of waiters, cooks, service personnel and technicians saw to that everything came together perfectly at Stockholmsmässan.

 “We worked with Crystal from the start of the year, and actively from May. There are many people involved and there is no time margin because it’s a live broadcast. Everything has to be done to the minute. Back in February, we began to plan the food. It should always be exceptional and is taste-tested and discussed for months”, said Kristallen event manager Annika Linderoth.

What was the highlight of the evening?
“Besides the food – and that everything fell together perfectly – I’d have to say when Petra Mede poured a bucket of ice water over Jenny Strömstedt in an ice bucket challenge”.