Sustainability for Exhibitors

Do you want to make sure that your participation as an exhibitor at Stockholmsmässan is as sustainable as possible? Here are some basic sustainability tips for you to consider.


1. Sustainability for Exhibitors (switch to Eng sub)
Here are some basic sustainability tips for your participation at Stockholmsmässan.


2. Sustainability - the Stand and Recycling (Eng sub)
The stand is possibly the most important contact surface an exhibitor at Stockholmsmässan has. Here are som tips about your participation.

3. Sustainability - Transportation (Eng sub)
Sometimes all roads lead to Stockholmsmässan. Here are some transportation tips that get you all the way here.

4. Sustainability - Communication and Signs (Eng sub)
When you are an exhibitor at Stockholmsmässan we want you to be noticed. Accordingly, here are some tips on how to increase your visibility.

5. Sustainability - Food and Beverage (Eng sub)
Food and beverage are an important part of any participation at Stockholmsmässan. In this video we serve up some tips regarding this.