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Stockholmsmässan achieves ISO certification for sustainable events

Stockholmsmässan – Scandinavia’s largest meeting place – has been certified to ISO 20121, an international sustainability standard for events. The venue is the first in Stockholm to obtain this certification, which signals the start of the exhibition center’s future sustainability work.

As an early adopter of active sustainability work, in 2019 Stockholmsmässan set its sights on becoming ISO 20121 certified, and now that goal has been achieved. The certification provides a clear springboard for the center’s continued commitment to constantly improve the site’s sustainability. All sustainability work is guided by the 2030 Agenda.

Linda Elmén, Stockholmsmässan’s Sustainability Manager, is proud of the ISO 20121 certification.

“The certification is a milestone in our sustainability work, but we still have a long way to go. There is so much more to do for us as a company and for the industry in general. As a major player, Stockholmsmässan is keen to make a positive contribution and take responsibility, and it feels fantastic that we can now demonstrate the sustainability of our events.”

The long-term goal for Stockholmsmässan is to become climate positive, and the extensive work to achieve this has now begun.

“This fall we are planning future initiatives to further reduce the climate footprint of our operations. We want to offer a sustainable meeting place for the customers and visitors who choose to hold and visit events here, and of course for the events that we organize ourselves. Stockholmsmässan can use its size and influence to encourage a more sustainable exhibition and conferencing industry. We want to be a role model and an inspiration,” says Linda Elmén.

Stockholmsmässan works on continuous improvements, in dialog with employees, customers, visitors, suppliers and other stakeholders, in a drive towards greater sustainability in the sector – something that is supported by the ISO 20121 certification. As part of this, sustainability training has been given to all of Stockholmsmässan’s employees, over 250 people.

Sustainability is about taking into consideration the needs of the current and future generations, and taking long-term responsibility in our daily operations. Stockholmsmässan’s sustainability work has three focus areas: Sustainable Community, Sustainable Environment and Sustainable Innovation.

Mathias Lindroth, acting CEO of Stockholmsmässan, sees the ISO 20121 certification as a success factor for the future.
“We are investing a great deal in sustainability in every part of our business and, as a major player in the sector, I would like to see us take the lead. Our customers and partners are also increasingly expecting this from us, which is excellent. A sustainable company is a profitable company. Long-term sustainability work requires multilateral collaboration, and we will be seeking even more partnerships moving forward, so that we can make a positive contribution to our climate.”

About ISO 20121
ISO 20121 is an international standard for the sustainability of events and was launched in conjunction with the 2012 Olympics in London, hence the name. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.
The full name of the standard is SS-EN ISO 20121:2012
Bureau Veritas Certification Sweden is the certification body for ISO 20121. The scheme is a third-party certification monitored by an external auditor.
Stockholmsmässan was audited over two days in June 2019. Under the certification, Bureau Veritas will check Stockholmsmässan’s compliance with ISO 20121 annually.