Data protection

Stockholmsmässan must process personal data as part of its day-to-day business. We care about your privacy, and we strive for high levels of security in our work with data protection. It is important to us that everyone affected is confident about the methods we use to process personal data.

Our data protection policy outlines, among other things, which types of personal data we process and the respective retention periods.

Do you want to know if we have stored any personal data related to you? Or have you found inaccuracies in the data we have stored about you? If so, you may file a request to our data protection service for rectification or erasure of your personal data. Within 30 days from having received verification of your identity, we will provide information about which actions we have taken regarding your request. To protect you and your personal data, Stockholmsmässan will never hand out personal data to individuals who haven't been able to verify their identity. If we, for some reason, cannot fulfill your request, we will provide an explanation why.