Sustainability according to Stockholmsmässan

Sustainability means taking the needs of current and future generations into consideration. At Stockholmsmässan we focus on sustainable community, environment, and innovation as we create meetings that brings people and the society forward.

Sustainable Community
Our role as a catalyst in Sweden’s hospitality industry is clear and carries responsibility. We encourage competencies, diversity, and equality while we counteract all forms of discrimination and harassment. Stockholmsmässan shall be a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

Sustainable Environment
All fairs, meetings, and conventions in our venue should make a large imprint while leaving a small footprint. We recycle and reuse as much as possible and only consume eco-labeled electricity from reusable sources. We also educate in, encourage and heed requests for green initiatives.

Sustainable Innovation
Innovation is key for both ours and our customers’ continued existence. We shall be a stable business partner that offers new solutions while challenging clients and suppliers to act business ethically and sustainable. We therefore always keep an ear to the ground, and an eye on the horizon.