A Heart-Safe Zone

Stockholmsmässan has long worked with the criteria, routines, and training required to become a Heart-Safe Zone, and we are proud to be certified as such. We regurarly provide training to staff in CPR throughout the company.

In total, there are nine defibrillators placed in Stockholmsmässan's facility. The ones located in the public area have electrodes suitable for both children and adults and are in alarmed cabinets with a clear green, round button.

It is the Swedish Non-profit Organization Heart and Lung Foundation that has developed the Heart-Safe Zone standard, which describes what is required for a place to be considered a Heart-Safe Zone. Our certification provides an added sense of security for staff, guests, and customers.

At Stockholmsmässan, there are nine defibrillators placed at:
- Service Center A 
- Service Center East
- Service Center C
- Main entrance at the guard's station
- First Aid Room A Gallery
- Western Office
- Eastern Office
- Guard's Station in the guard room
- Guard's Station in the Eastern part

A Heart-Safe Zone means:
- We have installed defibrillators/AEDs
- We have good preparedness and alarm procedures for dealing with cardiac arrest
- We can initiate CPR immediately and administer defibrillation within three minutes
- We are registered in the Defibrillator Registry
- We have systematic maintenance of our equipment
- We have annual competence maintenance

It is crucial to act quickly
Every year, 10,000 people suffer cardiac arrests, and of these, 600 people are saved. In the event of cardiac arrest, it is important for everyone to learn to act quickly. If CPR can be initiated immediately and there is access to a defibrillator within three minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest, up to 70–75% of the affected individuals can be saved. This means that up to 7,000 people per year can be saved.

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