Stockholmsmässan’s work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

As the largest meeting place in the Nordics, sustainability has long been an important and necessary part of our business. But not anymore. It is now essential. In line with the UN’s Agenda 2030, we do our part to make sure that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG:s) are met.

The UN’s SDG:s focuses on abolishing extreme poverty, reducing inequalities and injustice, promote peace and justice and to solve the climate crisis. Naturally, we want to contribute to these four fantastic ambitions. We have gone through all 17 SDG:s as well as all 169 targets and identified the three goals that Stockholmsmässan prioritizes.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Our role as a catalyst in Sweden’s hospitality industry is clear and carries responsibility. We aim not only to increase the region’s profitability, but also to be a safe, developing, and welcoming space for everyone. Therefore, we shall, amongst other things, strive towards being a company that:

  • Promotes competencies, diversity, and equality

  • Creates productive employment with decent working conditions for everyone in the organization

  • Generates an inclusive and long-term sustainable economic growth in the region and supports the city of Stockholm in becoming an attractive destination

  • Digitalizes and integrates new technologies into the daily work in order to improve the work environment for employees

  • Continues to involve entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as work to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs. We also collaborate with other organizations, provide internships, and arrange study visits for schools and companies

  • Remains an attractive workplace by actively working with the concept Great Place to Work, collective agreement, zero tolerance towards injuries and serious incidents, work environment policy, diversity, and inclusion, as well as active, systematic, and continuous environment efforts throughout the organization

  • Performs risk analyzes prior to events and productions as well as offer education and information regarding risks and safety for coworkers and contractors

SDG 12: Sustainable consumption and production

All fairs, meetings, and conventions in our venue should make a large imprint while leaving a small footprint. By doing everything can to reduce our climate impact while also educate in, encourage, and heed requests for green initiatives we strive towards a more sustainable consumption and production. In concrete terms, we commit ourselves to:

  • Use only eco-labelled power from renewable sources

  • Use eco-labeled paint in production, for example when painting stand walls

  • When creating meetings between people, facilitate awareness of sustainable consumer habits that in turn lead to sustainable lifestyles

  • Make sure that our designers keep sustainability top of mind when designing stands, cafés, and activity areas by, for example, reusing materials

  • Through our department Event Service help our customers rent material and services as well as make climate-friendly and sustainable choices
  • Engage in dialogue with our partner Mässrestauranger in order to reduce the food waste at Stockholmsmässan. Furthermore, all restaurants and cafés at Stockholmsmässan are certified with step 1 of the Swedish sustainability label KRAV

  •  Focus on further reducing the material usage in production. As of today, 98% of our waste is either reused, recycled or energy recovered. Furthermore, when possible, we donate excess materials to schools

SDG 17: Partnership for the goals

Innovation is key for both ours and our customers’ continued existence. We need to further broaden our horizon beyond our core business and establish partnerships that extend outside our venue. Through innovation, networks, and other collaborations we can contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. For that purpose, we shall:

  • Be a stable business partner that offers new solutions whilst encouraging clients, suppliers, and partners to act even more business ethically and sustainably

  • Promote a sustainable development through new partnerships and collaborations. As an example, we constructed a temporary field hospital together with Region Stockholm, Locum, the Swedish armed forces at record speed in March 2022

  • Actively pursue sustainable events and cooperate with industry partners. Stockholmsmässan is a member of Nätverket Hållbar Besöksnäring (The Network for Sustainable Tourism), VISITA, ICCA, UFI and Nätverket för Hållbart Näringsliv (NMC The Swedish Association for Sustainable Business)

  • Be a platform for promoting a dialogue around sustainable change within various industries

  • Continue to lead by example. For example, Stockholmsmässan is, as the first venue in Stockholm, certified according to ISO 20121, an international standard for sustainable event management

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