Stockholmsmässan FN globala mål

Stockholmsmässan’s work with the Sustainable Development Goals

As the Nordics largest meeting spot with around 70 industry related fairs and hundreds of national and international congresses, conferences and events every year, sustainability is important and a neccessary part of our business. UN’s 17 Global goals is the most ambitious agenda the world’s countries have ever taken on focusing on sustainable development, the purpose is to reach four fantastic things until 2030: To abolish extreme poverty. To reduce inequalities and injustice in the world. To promote peace and justice. To solve the climate change. Four fantastic things which we of course want to contribute to, in order to achieve these goals.

We’ve worked through the 17 goals and 169 part goals and identified five goals which are prioritized at Stockholmsmässan.

SDG 8: decent work and economic growth
Work towards an inclusive and long-term sustainable economic growth in the region with activities to create productive employment with decent work conditions for everyone in the organisation. 
Our business supports Stockholm Stad to become an attractive destination and to create increased growth in the region. 
We work to digitalise and integrate new technology in the daily work to improve the work environment for the employed. One example is Roboplotter, a robot which is programmed to draw upp each fair in the halls, a heavy work which earlier has been done by hand and needed a lot of working hours. 
We have a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses tied to us which we collaborate with and we work towards promoting entrepreneurship and creating jobs. 
We want to create an attractive work place through actively working with the concept Great Place to Work. 
Collective agreement is in place for all employees. 
Work environment policy is in place and we have an active and continuously, systematic environmental work in the organisation all parts. 
We will do risk analyses for events and productions and offer education and information around risks and security for both co-workers and entrepreneurs. 
We have a zero vision for injuries and serious incidents within our organisation. 
We work towards diversity and inclusion in the work place. We also collaborate with other organisations and offer placements and arrange visits from schools and organisations.

SDG 11: sustainable cities and communities
Cities and communities should be safe, inclusive, resistant and sustainable. 
We support Stockholms Stad’s visio 2040 which means a Stockholm for everyone. 
Stockholmsmässan is a stakeholder at Stockholm Stad.
Want to work towards sustainable urbanization. At ours means that we provide charging stations for electric cars; that we communicate the closeness to public transport to our visitors and that we can offer a safe and secure place during our events. That means also that we work with effective recycling and that we aim to be an energy efficient building with minimal climate footprint. 
Work towards organizing transport to and from the event/city.
We work towards securing the culture and natural heritage and manage for example the cultural building Älvsjö Gård as part of our premises.
We have seen a citizenship and support organisation, which work together with Barncancerfonden, Älvsjö AIK Fotballssektionen, Ung Företagsamhet, Stiftelsen SKAPA and Matakuten. Together donated our visitors 118 000 sek to Barncancerfonden toghter with ticket purchase to our events 2019. 
We have beehives on our roof, which contributes to restore biological diversity.

SDG 12: responsible consumption and and production
Promote sustainable consumption and production patterns.
In our role as event organizer, we create meetings between people and can promote awareness of sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles that promote/lead to sustainable change, sustainable consumption and more.
We have our own designers who, from the start, work from a sustainable perspective when designing booths, cafes and activity areas.
Our Events Service department helps customers with material and service leasing and help them to make climate smart and more sustainable choices.
We have a dialogue with our partner Mässrestauranger to reduce food waste at Stockholmsmässan. All restaurants and cafes at are also KRAV-marked steps1.
We use eco labelled paint in productions, for example when painting stand walls.
We focus on reducing material use in production and are proud that as much as 98% of our waste is recycled, recycled or energy recycled. For example, exhibition walls are used between 10-13 times, scenes can last for 50 years and we rent out everything needed for an event. Instead of throwing away material, it is donated to schools whenever possible.
Our e-commerce catalog reduces paper consumption, as we no longer produce catalog.
Before and during the event, we spread communication to the guests mainly on digital screens in the facility, which reduces the use of printed material.

SDG 13: climate action
We have a great opportunity and willingness to contribute to the fight against climate change. Examples of our work are: 
As the first congress & exhibition centre in Sweden to convert our entire vehicle fleet to run on 100% renewable flues, we decreased our fuel consumption by 5% and carbon dioxide emissions by 45 cubic tonnes annually, which fulfils one of the sustainable goals for 2020. 
Our aim is to become a climate positive venue and we currently have contracts in place for carbon neutral electricity, cooling, biogas and diesel. 
We have invested in a new, energy-efficient heating pump, which gives a better-adapted indoor climate, and thereby decreases the use of district heating by 26% and district cooling by 36%.  
Through collaboration with exhibitors and industry experts, we promote awareness and spread knowledge about climate impact and emission reductions during our events. 
We have 8 charging stations for electric vehicles. Charging is free, and the electricity – provided by Stockholm Parking – is “Bra Miljöval” (“Good Environment Choice”)-certified and derived from renewable sources. 
Our venue is accessible via public transport and we have bicycle-parking areas nearby.  
Employees at Stockholmsmässan are able to borrow public transport cards for travel to and from meetings in the city centre, and travel by train within Sweden whenever possible.

SDG 17: partnerships for the goals
The world today is more connected than ever and the Global Goals can only be realized through global partnership and cooperation. 
Through new partnerships and collaboration we promote sustainable development. In March 2020 a collaboration between Region Stockholm, Locum, The Swedish Armed Forces and Stockholmsmässan was initiated to construct a temporary field hospital at record speed. 
We actively pursue work with sustainable events and have joined forces with industry partners. Stockholm is a member of “Nätverk för hållbar besöksnäring” (“Network for sustainable tourism”), VISITA, ICCA, AIPC, UFI and the “Nätverk för hållbart näringsliv” (”Network for sustainable trade and industry”). 
We are a platform to promote dialogue around sustainable change within different industries. The annual meeting of the “Nätverk för hållbar besöksnäring” (“Network for sustainable tourism”) was planned to be held at Stockholmsmässan this year, where among others the award for the year’s sustainable contribution within the industry would be presented. Due to Covid-19 the event has been postponed, but we warmly welcome NHB back next year. 
Stockholmsmässan was the first venue in Stockholm to be certified according to ISP 20121, and international standard for sustainable event management. 

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