How we work

A summary of our work methods is available for your peace of mind.

 We are responsible for coordinating with the requirements from the Swedish Work Environment Authority, and we take this seriously. 
 We offer advice, but also carry out controls. Of both organizers and exhibitors.
 We base our approach on the Swedish strategy – the personal responsibility of the individual.
 We work in close collaboration with the relevant government agencies.
 We analyze the execution of an event based on its flows.
 We conduct both general and event-specific risk analyses.
 One person with overall responsibility is required as a contact person from an external event organizer.
 We make sure that there are regular checks in the premises to make sure that procedures are being followed (moving in, ongoing and moving out)
 If necessary, we will help organizers to do the right thing. 
 Exhibitors who fail to follow guidelines will be warned and, in consultation with the organizer, removed from the event.