Entré och registrering

Arrival and registration

From the moment you set foot in our venue, health and safety take top priority. We have therefore implemented a number of measures to provide you with the best possible start to your visit.

On arrival at the venue, you are met by clear information together with logistical arrangements that promote physical distancing. We have implemented a number of measures to enhance safety and to create a smooth flow and a secure experience.

Examples of measures to be taken for more secure arrival and registration:

• Earlier admissions and adapted opening hours to avoid congestion
• Pre-purchasing of tickets online
• Tickets with specific time slots
• Offer time intervals for admission of different visitors, only pre-registered visitors, pre-booked times 
• Cashless transactions 
• Clear floor markings to remind people to maintain social distancing
• Facilities to block off areas and staff to guide and help visitors
• Enhanced staffing in general
• Additional signage 
• Barriers, cordoned off areas 
• One-way flows, separate entrances and exits as required and where possible