Temporary external hospital at Stockholmsmässan closing down

Region Stockholm has decided that the time has come to shut down the field hospital set up at Stockholmsmässan. The dismantling will take around five weeks and be carried out as efficiently and sustainably as possible. The hospital was originally commissioned by Region Stockholm to provide extra capacity in the event of a bed shortage in the regular health service during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday, March 22 Stockholmsmässan received the green light to begin building the field hospital in parts of its own premises. Intensive work commenced immediately in a smooth operation run jointly with Region Stockholm, healthcare property company Locum, and the Swedish Armed Forces. Over 200 employees were involved from Stockholmsmässan alone, working in three shifts to complete the hospital within the tight deadline. By Thursday, April 9 a 600-bed hospital stood ready to receive patients.

Last week, it became clear that the region is now in a better situation than anyone had dared hope back in March, and happily the field hospital never needed to be put to use. The dismantling work, which has now begun and is expected to take around five weeks, will be carried out as efficiently and sustainably as possible. We will be saving any materials that might be needed in the future, and sorting everything that can be recycled.

All of us here at Stockholmsmässan are incredibly proud to have been able to help Region Stockholm in these difficult times.

Any questions about healthcare and the temporary field hospital should be directed to Region Stockholm: