safe to visit

Safe and secure delivery of food and drink

Everyone, both our guests and our employees, should feel safe with our supplier Mässrestauranger. They have implemented a number of different, new procedures for our business with a focus on packaging of food and drink, hygiene and cleaning, as well as the furnishing and use of our premises. 

They are training their employees in our new procedures so that everyone can contribute to our delivery of safe, secure events. Mässrestauranger follows the recommendations of government agencies and adapts to any new guidelines, and also follows the hospitality industry’s Safe to Visit campaign.

Examples of measures that will be implemented for the safe serving of food and drink:
• Limit admissions, separate entrances and exits where possible.
• Furnishing adapted to current guidelines.
• Offer food in containers.
• Enhanced cleaning. 
• Perspex, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer.

We are aware that restaurants and meetings follow different regulations, to which we adapt.