Accordning to the government´s decision, Stockholmsmässan will close down all fairs and events, planned for this spring, with over 50 participants, until further notice. This is in accordance with the government´s decision to restrict public gatherings to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Health and safety continues to be our highest priority and this decision is a precautionary measure to protect our society.

For visitors: Visitors who bought tickets for the events that will be closed down will get a full refund. Please check out respective events´ website that will shortly be updated with more information on how to proceed.

For exhibitors: We will come back with more information on how this will affect our exhibitors and organisers as soon as possible. We are currently working intensively to be able to answer questions that arise regarding our business, as a result of the authority’s recommendation. It is extremely regrettable that both visitors and exhibitors are affected by this, but for us it is crucial to follow the government´s decision.

Will be updated if neccessary.