A culinary experience beyond the ordinary

At Stockholmsmässan, you can be sure you will be served food and drink of the highest quality in our ten different restaurants. We are well-practiced and skilled at serving tens of thousands of guests at the same time during our large congresses. We can also boast that our restaurateur is responsible for Sweden's most prestigious meal – the Nobel Banquet at Stockholm City Hall.

Whether it is a banquet, à la carte or fast food, at Stockholmsmässan, you can find just the meal you like – the way you want it. And if you don't really know how, we'll show you! Here you can arrange an exclusive celebration or catering of something specific at your stand. You have complete confidence in our ability to take care of many guests at the same time.

Our own pastry shop

Our restaurateur Mässrestauranger is a third-generation family business, which in addition to operating 10 restaurants and cafés during the large fairs, also runs its own pastry shop and has published their own baking book.

Not only can you enjoy home-baked treats during your stay, but Mässrestauranger also serves only organic and fair trade coffee and tea, uses only certified organic milk and is careful to use locally produced food as much as possible. For some time the entire whole food and beverage service has been Ecolabelled. The disposable materials used are two-thirds recyclable and compostable. Leftovers, combustible waste and plastic are separated.

In short, we are as diligent as our bees, who now live in five orange boxes up on our roof. The bees give us many pounds of guaranteed locally-produced honey each year and help our neighborhood to preserve its biological diversity.

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