Our products & services

At Stockholmsmässan we have everything you need for a successful arrangement. We offer a team of dedicated, motivated and creative project managers, stand designers and technicians with extensive experience in large and small events. We have skilled graphic designers, and use the latest technology for printed or interactive presentations. We take pride in our first-class chefs and in our restaurateur’s responsibility for the annual Nobel Banquet.

  • Audiovisual media

    Make more of an impression on your visitors. We have the technology for all occasions.

    A standard feature in our conference rooms, and included in the rental fee, are connections for hooking up a private computer so you and your presentation can be seen and heard. You can also add onto this system as needed. If you would like to create a more theatrical impression and add some excitement to the room with lights and decor, or if you will have entertainment that requires special lighting, wireless microphones and monitor systems,  let us know. Not only is this not a problem, but you also have multiple options to choose from.

  • Excellent digital infrastructure

    Excellent digital infrastructure

    At Stockholmsmässan, a strong WIFI network for 10 000 simultaneous users is guaranteed in all areas. Currently (2019) there are 460 access points and a bandwidth of 10 Gbit. The system is Cisco and current bands are 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

  • Lightdesign at Stockholmsmässan


    With good lighting, you can create the mood you want at your event. You can also enhance an experience and a brand name. Lighting plays a key role in helping your event or conference leave an impression. The difference between simply being there and being seen is largely determined by the lighting.

    We are committed to fulfilling your needs and requests, and we offer both package solutions and custom lighting design. Whether it is lighting for a dinner, a conference room or an exhibition, we have a solution that is right for you. We believe that anything is possible!

    We offer most of the available styles of fixtures, whether you are looking for conventional light sources, moving gobos or eco-friendly LED lighting.

  • A culinary experience beyond the ordinary

    At Stockholmsmässan, you can be sure you will be served food and drink of the highest quality in our ten different restaurants. We are well-practiced and skilled at serving tens of thousands of guests at the same time during our large congresses. We can also boast that our restaurateur is responsible for Sweden's most prestigious meal – the Nobel Banquet at Stockholm City Hall.

    Whether it is a banquet, à la carte or fast food, at Stockholmsmässan, you can find just the meal you like – the way you want it. And if you don't really know how, we'll show you! Here you can arrange an exclusive celebration or catering of something specific at your stand. You have complete confidence in our ability to take care of many guests at the same time.

    Our own pastry shop

    Our restaurateur Mässrestauranger is a third-generation family business, which in addition to operating 10 restaurants and cafés during the large fairs, also runs its own pastry shop and has published their own baking book.

    Not only can you enjoy home-baked treats during your stay, but Mässrestauranger also serves only organic and fair trade coffee and tea, uses only certified organic milk and is careful to use locally produced food as much as possible. For some time the entire whole food and beverage service has been Ecolabelled. The disposable materials used are two-thirds recyclable and compostable. Leftovers, combustible waste and plastic are separated.

    In short, we are as diligent as our bees, who now live in five orange boxes up on our roof. The bees give us many pounds of guaranteed locally-produced honey each year and help our neighborhood to preserve its biological diversity.

    Read more about food and beverage services here

  • Security

    Stockholmsmässan offers all the essential security and safety functions you would expect from a world-class events organizer

    These include our comprehensive fire and evacuation procedures and inspections. We also have experience of organizing international top-level business and political events with enhanced security.

    Stockholmsmässan works closely with the Swedish Security Service [SÄPO] and Securitas throughout the planning and implementation stages. This allows us to establish realistic threat scenarios and offer conspicuous security through uniformed staff at the venue.

  • Hosts and hostesses

    We have considerable experience in providing both Swedish and international customers with hosts and hostesses for small and large trade fairs, congresses and conferences.

    All of our staff have undergone our internal customer service training in order to be able to deliver world-class service. They have extensive knowledge about our facility and are very experienced in a wide variety of events. All of our personnel speak Swedish and English, and many are competent in other languages as well.

    We provide Stockholmsmässan promotional clothing, dressing rooms and lunch rooms for all our hosts and hostesses. We are also responsible for management of the staff.