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Stockholmsmässan Digital Meetings

Anyone can join.
The best meeting is a physical meeting, to meet without filters and screens surpass everything. But sometimes we need to hold all or part of our meetings digitally. When the time is not enough, when everyone cannot be there, for environmental reasons or simply because it suits them best. We ensure that everyone can participate without being physically present. A seamless meeting experience between the virtual world and ours.

Digital Connect
The solution for those who want to hold a smaller video meeting and looking for value safety. With one or more participants, you can reach your colleagues digitally no matter how many they are or where they are. We make sure you have access to the platform you prefer to use.

• Mobile solution for video meetings in our smaller meeting rooms
• Professional video equipment with cameras and audio recording
• Flexible for organizers with their own platform (Teams, Skype, Zoom etc.)
• Technician that are within easy reach
• Extra microphones

Digital Broadcast
For big gatherings. At your disposal you have producers, technicians and camera operators rolling out your event from Haparanda to Mumbai. Here we can promise the best service on site throughout the day to help you tailor your event whether it is a broadcast, webinar or any other recording.

• Completely equipped with professional video equipment with cameras and audio recording
• Recording
• Multi-camera production
• Associated green room with insight into the studio
• Operator on site all day to help you
• Manufacturers
• Editing of recorded material
• Design and construction of studio environment
• Interactivity


Digital Studio
Professional audio studio with the opportunity, for example, to record podcasts, interviews or voice over. Only your imagination sets the limits on how you want to communicate your message. In our studio you are greeted by a pleasant environment, good sound insulation and coffee close at hand.

• Professional voice recording studio with seating for 2-3 people
• Nicely decorated with acoustic textiles
• Recording interviews, podcasts, jingles and exclamations
• Live broadcast of the event's own pod
• Studio booked on an hourly basis
• Coffee, water and technical support within easy reach
• Camera production
• Post-editing


Digital Service
Our staff has extensive experience in preparing and producing events. At your wish, one or more people are on hand for any help you may need. Whether it's technical support, cameraman, producer or post-editing you need.

Please get in touch with us to hear more or to book your next digital meeting! | 08-749 42 24